Construction and project management consultants

Site management, construction management and project management.

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Sitepartner provides flexibility and mobility in the project organization for the client, contractor and suppliers in energy, rail and network development.

Our consultants have high professional competence and broad practical experience from all types of projects.

We deliver

  • Site manager
  • Construction manager
  • Technical inspector
  • Project management
  • Safety Supervisor
  • HSE / OHS managers and supervisors

We ensure

  • Project execution in accordance with contract standards, requirements and calculations
  • HSE / OHS
  • Control and follow-up of subcontractors
  • Progress and risk management
  • Disciplines, quality, and environment
  • Management and culture building
  • Reputational risk

    Production radial Stokkfjellet wind farm

    The Stokkfjellet wind farm in Trøndelag consists of 21 turbines and expected annual production of 311 GWh. In connection with the development, a 30 km long new production radial was laid from the central grid station at Nea and up to the power plant. Sitepartner has provided Construction Manager.

    Spenningsnivå 132 kV
    Oppdragsgiver TrønderEnergi

    Smestad transformer station

    Nye Smestad will be the largest station in Norway for general consumption. Sitepartner has provided plant management and HSE management.

    Voltage level420KV
    Construction period2019-2021

    Byggeleder Follobanen – innføring Oslo S

    The Follobane project is a pilot project for Norwegian railway development. Sitepartner has supplied Byggeldeder Contact lead.

    Construction periodJan 2020 – ongoing
    ClientTrack NOR